The Equipment

A modern factory equipped with CNC-automatic lathe, air-conditioned and air-cleaned, for all needs of turning, milling, cutting, swirling, stamping, and more.

A workshop of rolling, including rolling strausak- machines for automatical and manual charging.

A workshop of assembly and packing plus another workshop with washing machins. Burring and polishing are also part of the factory.

The management by SAP and an adequate computer software allows an optimum of monitoring and supporting for the production and for our clients.

Up to that, the factory also owns an air-conditioned room of control, equipped with all types of tools for the controlling work as a result to meet all needs in best quality.

The Know-how

Our passion is the high-precision bar turning (up to diameter 16mm), but we also do the gear cutting, rolling parts for watchmaking industries and assembly. Our highly qualified collaborators are constantly trained in innovation and improvement. This know-how in steady development and the will of every contributor to take up challenges is what makes the largest part of A. Krattiger AG’s strength.

To finish the product, we also do the burring and polishing as well as any sorts of treatment like the tempering, nickel-plating, and more.

The Quality

The quality management is a crucial factor in every stage of our production. Fitted out with all types of measuring device and control, we are able to face all needs of our clients, even specific wishes.

Our high-quality management (ISO13485 from 2016) allows a perfect traceability and also guarantees procedures of reliable manufacture.

Every delivery is accompanied by protocols for the best control.